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2018 Classes, and Watercolor Workshops with Tom Hoffmann

To enroll in a workshop or class please send a check made out to Tom Hoffmann for half the tuition. Deposit is fully refundable up to thirty days before the start of the workshop or class. 

Mail to:

Tom Hoffmann
308 32 Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

All Levels Watercolor Class

WINTER: January 16 – March 20, 2018
Ten Tuesdays, 2-5 pm Tuition $440
The lass is full. Contact Tom to be put on waiting list.

SPRING: April 17 – June 12, 2018
Nine Tuesdays 2-5 pm Tuition $396

FALL: September 11 – November 13, 2018
Ten Tuesdays 2-5 pm Tuition $440

tom-hoffmann-cityscpe-student workA  small class setting allows plenty of one-on-one attention and a robust exchange of ideas within the group. Whenever possible we will go outdoors to paint. Each session begins with a critique. Homework is provided via Tom’s blog.

Student painting shown.

Melaque, Mexico

5 day workshop   March 24 – 28, 2018
Tuition $550

tom-hoffmann-cityscape-vistatipicalMelaque is a sweet little beach town between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. It shares a beautiful bay with Barra de Navidad. Lazy days and nights…there’s not much going on, and nothing to do, unless you happen to be a painter! There’s an outdoor market, rooftop tavernas, fresh seafood, pop-up restaurants, donkey rides and fishing boats. We’ll make a couple of field trips to nearby locations like the town where salt is produced (remarkable imagery!) or the best body surfing beach I’ve ever found. THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL. TO BE PLACED ON THE WAIT LIST, PLEASE CONTACT TOM

For Oaxaca information, see November, below.


4 Day Workshop Mon-Thur, April 9 – 12,  2018
To enroll, please contact the Hawaii Watercolor Society

Hawaii! What can I say?

The Palouse: Abstracting the Landscape

4 Day Workshop  Fri – Mon, May 18 – 21, 2018
Tuition: $440
The lass is full. Contact Tom to be put on waiting list.

tom-hoffmann-landscape-triplefThe wheat-growing country near Walla Walla is as near to abstraction as any landscape I’ve seen. Just a half step along the line between form and content tips the balance toward pure shape, color and composition. We will take that step together and watch as boundaries disappear.

San Francisco State University Sierra Nevada Field Campus

Dates to be determined (Late June or early July)

2018 classes are not yet posted on the SF State Sierra Nevada Field Campus web page. Enrollment for this workshop will be done through the SFSU

Lopez Island

4 Day Workshop Fri–Mon, August 17 – 20, 2018
Tuition $440

tom-hoffmann-landscape-t-dayTwenty-seven years of watercolor on Lopez, and I keep finding great new places to paint. Plus, I still want to go back to the old favorites, too. Get to know this gracious island with a brush in your hand.

The Methow Valley

4 Day Workshop Fri–Mon, September 28 – October 1, 2018
Tuition: $440

tom-hoffmann-landscape-sistershomesteadWhy are some places easier to paint than most? In the Methow, it may be that the dramatic landscape is more readily seen as shape, color and value, while the human-made elements retreat in comparison. In any case, much of the painter’s work seems already done. The hard part is deciding which way to face.

In four days, workshop participants discover new ways to refine and enliven their work by letting go of the optional information and accentuating the essential.

Seattle: Abstracting the Landscape

3 Day Workshop  November 9 – 11, 2018
Tuition $330

tom-hoffmann-landscape-palouseshadowIt takes very little context to see a painting as a landscape. A little blue on the upper part of the page or a little horizontal in the middle gives the viewer plenty of evidence. This means we can let go of just about everything else and still be painting landscapes.

Oaxaca, Mexico

7 Day Workshop Sun – Sat, December 2 -December 8, 2018
Tuition: $770

tom-hoffmann-cityscape-onthehillThe Oaxaca trip has moved to December, when the weather there is cooler. Many more excellent painting sites will open to us when we don’t always need to find shade, and the city will be less crowded than it is during Holy Week. There, that’s settled. Now we can start making plans to go back to my favorite city! Lila Downs has a song about Oaxaca that starts out with bells ringing and fireworks exploding. I think those typical early morning sounds come on the birthday of the patron saint of the church, which, given the number of churches in Oaxaca, means you can hear them more often than not. Then comes the bell telling all to bring their garbage to the corner. And the “Gaz de Oaxaca” truck, with its theme music, way too cheerful for the hour. The bread man cycles by, shouting “Paaaan!” and, finally, the call of “Tamales! Hay tamales!”. That gets me to throw on my pants and hustle out to get a couple for breakfast. By the way, if you don’t know Lila Downs, look her up!